How do I easily get a job on Freelancer as a newbie?


How do I easily get a job on Freelancer as a newbie?
I have been freelancing nearly 2 years. I would like to share a few tips for newbies:
• Complete you profile. Verify it in every possible way. Add a picture. Add past work. Add education. Add everything that helps the employer verify that you simply mean business. Connect your social accounts

• Write nice and sharp proposals. You should try to write how you are suitable for the job, relevant experience and project design. This will help employer know that you have put in a lot of effort.

• Return hiring rate is determining on the factor of the Freelancing website. Always make sure that your clients will re-hire you. You should ping your past clients and check if any of them has any work for you.4

• Take skill tests. Pass the exams. It is worth paying. It acts like a verification on your potential.

• When you begin as a newbie, select one area of expertise and keep bidding in the same area. This way you will save time by re-using parts of your proposal. Also, about your past projects speak louder than your proposal. If you have done a lot of projects on Data mining, then you are likely to be noticed by employers of more such projects.

• Give your 100% to a project. Try to complete it within deadline. A negative review from your client is that the last item you would like on your profile

• Optimise for learning in the beginning. It is okay to be underpaid in the beginning. Most of the days, an employer hires a replacement freelancer only because their bid is most economical. Once you get some good reviews on your profile, you will start increasing your bid value

July 31, 2020