Be a freelancer or full-time employee better?

be a freelacer or full time employee

Be a freelancer or full-time employee better?


It all depends on being freelancer or full-time job has their own perks.

Here are 5 most discernible ones

  1. Tremendous freedom: In freelancing, you will enjoy utmost freedom with your work. You set your vacation; you select your working hour.In full time job, you must follow the company agenda. You must maintain a working schedule.
  2. Security of Work: In freelancing, you just get paid for the work you do. Basically, you will not be offered with any quite allowance or coverage. In full time job, you will be offered different types of coverage and you will feel more secure about the payment you receive at the end of each month.
  3. Social Respect: Many people in the world still do not held freelancing in high esteem. They seem to think freelancer as hired gun. The key reason is freelancing Job lacks of a “title or designation”

In a full-time job, you have got a welfare work circle. You have a team. You are invited to team launch and team hangout. When you face any difficulty, your team members are there to assist you out!

  1. Extent of Stress: You will feel less stress in freelancing jobs. You will just need to do what you are asked to do.

In a full time, job where you hold a ‘title’ – you will be got to do many things alongside your key tasks and therefore the stress might be paramount if you hold any managerial position.

  1. The money: In freelancing, you need to make 60% – 100% more to replicate the total compensation of a full-time salary job of same type you do. Despite having to form 60%+ extra money to duplicate a full-time job, you will make tons extra money by freelancing if you are willing to demonstrate your value proposition, work longer, and work more efficiently. You have full control over your income. You work more, you earn more

In full time job, your compensation is completely set upon the discretion of management. Most of the time, the increment you get at the end of the year is not likely to meet your expectation!

July 25, 2020