How can I eliminate the fear of the risks of freelancing?

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How can I eliminate the fear of the risks of freelancing?

First, we should know what are the problems you will face working as a freelancer?
1. Irregular income- the biggest drawback of freelancing is there is no fixed income you will get per month. Your earnings will depend on amount of work you have done this month.

ThinkšŸ’” you have chosen to be a freelancer to acquire show case your real skills, even if income of one month is less you would explore more ways to earn money, facing challenges everyday will surely get you somewhere, Rather than the same 9 to 5 work.
2. Social Contacts- working at office will get you friends, but as a freelancer you lack opportunity to form new social contacts.

ThinkšŸ’” I agree you have to work for long time in beginning with less income but after a year or two when you build strong portfolio, you can bid high rates per hour this will drastically reduce your work hours, now what go wherever you want to go.
3. No job security- a office job provides you with health insurance or paid leaves whenever you need or fall sick, working as a freelancer your income will stop the very next day you stop working.

ThinkšŸ’” why you opted freelancing, for making more money than office fixed pay checks, now you will be able to pay for your bills for some days you can’t work or take a break, even the office not going to keep your whole life if you don’t work.
So, my friend fears are in thoughts and you can get over them by positive thinking and mindset in yourself.
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August 22, 2020