Why can freelancers fail to become freelancers?

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Why can freelancers fail to become freelancers?

There is just one big reason why this happened. it is because they didn’t take their freelancing career seriously.


First, they need a wrong mindset on what freelancing is basically all about. they only consider freelancing as a standard opportunity for them to earn extra bucks to reinforce their income. They did not see the larger picture and did not realize its potential.


Second, since they do not have a correct mindset, their actions follow. They did not treat freelancing as a true business opportunity. They never market their services, nor aimed for improvement in order that they can provide better services.


Third, they never invested for his or her learning. like all other business endeavour, we should always invest on something which will give us more skills and learning to extend your value. They did not consider the very fact that there are various online learning opportunities they will avail to reinforce their skills like Coursera, Udemy, Treehouse, etc.


Fourth and final reason, they did not build relationships. Most of my clients at the present are just product of my good relationship with my previous clients. If you have got established an honest relationship together with your clients, trust is there, and you do not need to worry about getting paid because you recognize it’s always upfront. Trust is extremely important in building your freelancing career/business.

August 15, 2020